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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer all of your questions here for you--


Does the time I book include set up and break down?

However long you book, we'll be there approximately 30-40 minutes ahead of time to set up. Your time starts when we are all done setting up and ready to take your photos!

Does everyone get prints?

Yes! Everyone in your party in will get a printed copy. (For the photo booth).

Can I choose the layout and what the photos will say?

Yes! After the deposit is made, we'll correspond via email. We print using a 3 photo vertical layout or one large 4x6 single print. We'll mock up a draft for the image that goes down below, according to your theme/colors and design.

What is included?

Prints, props to fit the occasion, and a backdrop are all included. If you rent the photo booth for 4 hours, you receive a customized scrapbook for guests to write a message and tape down their extra photo.

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